The Blackout is a new style of game that uses NFT and the Metaverse.
All about development and trading, dive into a post apocalyptic world where players travel across the land to trade food and materials in order to survive.
Pioneer-less lands are hazardous areas full of zombies and unmanaged robots that are hostile and dangerous.
Travel to lands owned by pioneers and obtain food and materials.
Eat the food to survive, or traverse the vast land to sell the food and materials for profit.
It is up to you to play and choose your own fate.


Pioneers are owners of land.
The value of land will increase by simply owning it.
That is because other game players will help in the development of the land.
Of course, you yourself can also play and speed up the development of your own land.
You can also just sell the land at any given time.


Travellers travel across lands in search of food and materials.
They can either rely on developed lands built by the Pioneers, or go around the wastelands on their own.
Anyone can download and play the game as a Traveller, even if they do not own any of the THE BLACKOUT collection NFTs.