The Blackout is a new style of game that uses Blockchain Technology. All about development and trading, dive into a post apocalyptic world where players travel across the land to trade food and materials in order to survive. Pioneer-less lands are hazardous areas full of zombies and unmanaged robots that are hostile and dangerous. Travel to lands owned by pioneers and obtain food and materials. Eat the food to survive, or traverse the vast land to sell the food and materials for profit. It is up to you to play and choose your own fate.



Own your ZOMBIE NFT and together let’s make the world of THE BLACKOUT an even more unique world.

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Along with the release of the alpha version, we will sell NFTs that can be used in PFPs and games.
The pre-reveal NFT is a zombie setting buried in a grave.
After the reveal, each player will be able to obtain their own unique NFT.
In addition to this design, we also have high-rarity alien zombies, plant zombies, and animal zombies.
This NFT can also gain superior privileges in the game.






Each NFT is separated by unique parts.
Each part is recorded as metadata on the smart contract and has a unique value.

Play Screen

The Blackout can be played with multi-platforms, and the game style is a top-down game.


The concept of Blackout was formed from multiple artworks.
In a post-apocalyptic world, Steve, who has lost his memory, embarks on a journey to regain his memory with the robot Lisa.
However, it is not so easy to live in a world where civilization has been destroyed.
With Lisa’s support, Steve embarks on a survival life.

The concept of this game is to survive in a collapsed world surrounded with constant danger.
In order to coexist amongst humans, it is necessary to trust and help each other, but there`s threats of betrayal.
If you do choose to live alone, there will be no conflicts between humans, however there is a threat to contend with the danger of nature.

3 kind of game style

The Blackout has been designed to be enjoyed with or without any NFT passes, for anyone curious to just give it a try

LAND Holder

LAND Holder

Land holders that have purchased the land NFT, can establish a country, expand your territory, enact laws, and rent lands.
Civilization develops due to the influence of other players, the value of the land improves, and many tokens are returned.

Player Pass

Player Pass

Players who have purchased a player pass can acquire tokens and NFTs by playing.



This game is designed so that even players without NFTs can have a good gaming experience.
The player can choose to live a protected life by entering someone’s country, or enjoy the thrill of living a survival life with dangerous zombies without belonging anywhere.

Ecosystem Platform

If you own an NFT, you can not only manage your wallet, but also access the bridge and staking portal.
In addition, you can check the market price of the land and the rental status of the land.
It is also possible to build a DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) like community by voting from players who belong to your country.

Blackout Protocol

Blackout’s staking protocol.
You can always deposit your NFTs on the staking platform.
This can also be provided prior to the game’s retail release to build anticipation for the game before it hits the market.


The Blackout game system consists of production and commerce.
Players who own land can freely synthesize and mint crops to constantly produce new crops.
The purpose of general players is to grow the crops and deliver them to other countries.
By doing so, this is a mechanism that increases liquidity and develops the economy in the blackout world.


The game’s Maps have real satellite information and you can experience a virtual Metaverse space.
In order to commerce, players must complete challenges such as fighting against robots and zombies that come along the way from crossing country to country.

Bring your NFTs

The Blackout allows other NFTs to be brought into the world of Blackout.
Doing so will further expand the possibilities of the metaverse.


The future of Blackout is to create a space where everyone can build their own world and gather with like-minded people.
In addition, it is possible to build a new ecosystem, aiming for an autonomous decentralized mechanism without administrators.

Game Platform

Blackout envisions the future of blockchain gaming using an open, decentralized consensus protocol. For that purpose, we will develop Dapp and provide GDK.


The roadmap of up to Q4 2025.
From 2026 onwards, we aim to improve our services and achieve market profit.


Our members of the development team.
Most of our team consists of people with development experience at game companies.
As well as the founder of the sold-out NFT project called voxvot is also participating.

Ken Page

Sieben Berg



Sound Designer

UI Designer


Community Manager
who want to join our team?


There will be a total of 10,000 Zombies, Lands and 10,000 Robots

The Ethereum mainchain.

ZOMBIEs in the world of THE BLACKOUT will be available for purchase, with all sorts of types and skins.Only when the NFT is purchased, will these unique ZOMBIEs appear ingame.Own your own ZOMBIE NFT and together let’s make the world of THE BLACKOUT an even more unique world.

A lands of THE BLACKOUT will be released.Owners of LAND will be registered as Pioneers, and will gain the ability to view the development of LAND that they own.

Unmanaged ROBOTs in the world of THE BLACKOUT will be available for purchase, with all sorts of types and skins.Only when the NFT is purchased, will these unique ROBOTs appear ingame.Own your own ROBOT NFT and together let’s make the world of THE BLACKOUT an even more unique world.